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Lauxon Media Printing & Shipping Services!

Shipping Solutions:

Efficient shipping is crucial for any business that deals with physical products. Lauxon Media offers a range of shipping solutions to simplify and optimize your logistics operations:

  • Shipping Consultation: Our experienced professionals will analyze your shipping needs, recommend cost-effective solutions, and assist you in choosing the best shipping methods.

  • E-commerce Integration: Seamlessly integrate your online store with popular shipping platforms, automating order fulfillment and tracking.

  • International Shipping: Expand your reach globally with our international shipping expertise, including customs documentation and compliance.

  • Supply Chain Optimization: Enhance your supply chain efficiency by identifying bottlenecks, streamlining processes, and reducing costs.

Business Card Design

Printing Services

Our printing services provide high-quality, professional results for all your printing needs. We offer a variety of services including digital, offset, and wide-format printing to ensure your project is completed to your exact specifications. Whether you need business cards or large-format posters, our reliable and experienced team will get the job done quickly and accurately.

  •     Banner, poster & sign printing

  •     Binding

  •     Brochures, flyers & pamphlets

  •     Business cards

  •     Copies & documents

  •     Custom calendars

  •     Folding and laminating

  •     Invitations & postcards

  •     Letterhead & notepads

  •     Presentations & reports

  •     Yard sign printing

Copies & Documents

Copies & Documents offers a full range of copying and printing services, including digital printing and large-format printing. Our experienced team is available to help you with all your document needs, from basic black-and-white copies to full-color documents. We also offer document scanning, binding and laminating services for all your copying and printing projects.

Lauxon Media Print & Ship 

  •  Black & white

  • Color copying & Faxing

  • Digital printing and large-format printing

  •  Scanning

  •  Binding 

  •  Laminating

  • Folding and more

Business Card Design

Packing & Shipping 

Our Pack & Ship Guarantee ensures your items arrive safely and securely. Our Certified Packing Experts provide custom packing solutions, electronic packing & shipping, antiques & artwork packing & shipping, and provide packing materials, packing supplies, luggage shipping, and golf club shipping. We guarantee you won't be disappointed with the quality of our services.

"Get Your Packages Securely Shipped with Lauxon Media's Packing & Shipping Services"

  •     Certified Packing Experts

  •     Custom packing solutions

  •     Electronic packing & shipping

  •     Antiques & artwork packing & shipping

  •     Packing materials

  •     Packing supplies

  •     Luggage shipping

  •     Golf club shipping

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